My 'why'

I want to become a man of value, not a man of money. I want to be the reason people choose to keep going instead of giving up.

My goal is for the message, meaning, & purpose of Wake Up And Work to become a global icon and global influence to help those that have trouble seeing their worth, realizing their capabilities, and believing in their potential.

Everyone has greatness inside of them, I just want to help them find it and share it with the world.

My Passion

In March 2013, right before my 22nd birthday, I turned to fitness as my escape. It used to be drinking and isolation, but I was tired of going to a lonely dark place. I was disgusted at myself when I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger staring back.

I did the Insanity workout set over the next 65 days and went from 177lbs to 162 and lost 10% body fat. What occurred wasn't just physical improvement, but more importantly, mental & emotional empowerment. Fitness didn't just change my life, it saved my life.

my purpose

I knew at an earlier age there was something different about me than most people I knew. I always saw the good in people and I always viewed myself as a natural born leader. I believed in being a genuinely good person, always doing the right thing, and always being there for my family, friends, and even acquaintances I barely knew.

From 'Peer Mediator' in 2nd grade, to Class President my Junior & Senior years of High School, to my General Manager positions at hotels in Las Vegas, & San Diego, I've always wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me.


My clothing line is the channel and outlet I chose to help spread the message and vision. Seeing how fitness became my outlet, it's also what helped me find my passion and purpose.

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Faith by fitness

Fitness became my escape and gave me the strength I never knew I had. It gave me the ability and faith to believe in myself. Fitness gave me the physical, mental, & emotional strength to carry out my purpose in guiding others to find their own level of happiness and success.

Wake up and work

Wake Up And Work isn't just a brand. It's a lifestyle that has many interpretations. I created the idea with the belief that it could relate to everyone differently, but resonate with everyone equally.

My ultimate goal for this journey is to inspire, influence, and motivate as many people as possible to take control of their lives & help them create their own happiness.


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